Anuradhapura – The First Capital of Sri Lanka

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>Anuradhapura is Sri Lanka’s first Capital of the North Central Province, founded in the 5th century BC. The city is located 205 Km North of the Capital of Colombo. Buddhism was first introduced to Sri Lanka in 247 BC transformed the Indi-Aryan Sinhalese into producing some amazing feats of architecture, and construction of massive dagaba, ornate pleasure gardens, and palaces with its exquisite sculpture, were a treat to watch. Anuradhapura is also considered a hydraulic city due to the construction of huge reservoirs, canals, and irrigation channels which were considered to be engineering marvels of the ancient era. Some of the irrigation works were the Tissa weva and Nuwara Weva. some of the attractions in Anuradhapura are the Abhayagiri,Jetawana stupas, Ruwanveliseya Dagaba, Samadhi Buddha, the twin ponds of Kuttam Pokuna and the Sri Maha Bodhi tree, the worlds oldest authenticated tree grown from a branch of the Bo tree in Buddhgaya, India which the Buddha found enlightenment. The city stands declared a World heritage site by UNESCO.