Sri Lanka is the paradise of adrenalin junkies. Sri Lanka is fast becoming one of the world’s finest adventure sports destinations because the country is blessed with an abundance of natural resources such as rivers, mountains, reefs, rainforests, plains ideal for variety of adventure activities.

Surrounded by Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is a typical beach country that offers a wide range of breathtakingly beautiful beaches for avid travelers.Sri Lanka is indeed a beachcomber’s delight. Beach tours can be planned anytime because it is said that Sri Lanka is never out of season for a beach holiday.

Get authentic insight into the culture of this island nation and travel to the sites that have a rich history of over 5000 years. Experience the essence of Sri Lanka’s proud heritage on this magical journey. The itineraries are carefully selected to introduce visitors to the wealth of Sri Lankan history and culture.

Explore the rich diversity of Natural beauty & landscape of Sri Lanka with our custom made trips and small-private tours. Our Nature tours focus on authentic experiences in one of the planet's most riveting natural destinations. When you travel us, you'll go where few others do.

Enjoy the diversity of animals in their natural habitat. Private tour is a superb introduction to the wildlife of Sri Lanka. The best choice for the animal enthusiast, it offers the chance to see elephants and the elusive leopard as well as marine life on the island’s south coast at eye shot.
Ideally suited for families with kids. Explore and discover Sri Lanka by visiting some of the most breathtaking destinations around the country. You will enjoy the Sun & Fun in one of the golden beaches in the Southern coast of the island and a lot more...
This is one the most unique of tours which enables the most daring and adventurous tourists to explore and discover Sri Lanka, by moving away from the usual touristic sites and visit certain remote locations, in its purest authentic format.
This is a unique Romantic tour specially designed for couples which will give the traveller a genuine insight into the multicultural harmony while enjoying the nature and the diverse wild life around you. One of the highlights of the tour is a spectacular train ride across the scenic mountains in the central hills of Sri Lanka.
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