Knuckles Mountains

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The Knuckles mountains are located approximately 30 km from the Matale town, along the Matale – Laggala-Pallegama road. The road contains quite a few hairpins bends, but it offers great views all around with a mini worlds end, lot less travelled by main stream tourists. Climatic conditions here are very similar to Horton plains with the addition of having two great waterfalls “Sera Ella” and “Bambarakiri Ella”, both of which are a site to watch. It offers a scintillating experience, to relax on the rock seats of “Sera Ella” relishing the cold misty spray of water on your face. The Thelgamu Oya offers a great site for a dip in crystal clear but chilly water.
Travelling further upstream on this very scenic stream will no doubt will make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. A trekking trip (2.5km) to the mist clad Riverston peak via Pitawala pathana, as it offers some of the greatest views of the central hills across the mini worlds end which ends in a sheer drop of 300 meters offering a great vista especially of the “Knuckles range”, and the Thelgamu valley below with its terraced paddy field method unique to the central hills of Sri Lanka.


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