Sinharaja Rain Forest Reserve

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Sinharaja Rain forestSinharaja Forest Reserve is one of the well preserved major bio-diversity hot spots and a National park in  Sri Lanka. It is of great international significance that it has been designated a  Biosphere and a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It  is believed that more than 60% of the flora in Sinharaja Rain forest are endemic only to Sri Lanka. The reserve contains an extent of 21 km from East to West, and a maximum of 7 km  from North to South. Sinharaja is rich in its bio-diversity that its fauna contains several species of insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds and other mammals endemic to Sri Lanka. Among the reptiles, it includes the Green Pit Viper and hump nosed vipers. A trek through this forest will lead the visitors to several streams and waterfalls whereby they could enjoy a cool drip. Visitors should be appropriately attired with raincoats and shoes to face the sudden outburst of rain which may fall from time to time and leeches.