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Pasikudah is a coastal resort town located 35 kilometers Northwest of Batticaloa, Sri Lanka. Although it is an uncommon destination, seldom visited by normal foreign tourists, its golden sunny beaches has now become a paradise and a most popular tourist destination, “Off the beaten track”. The seas are quite calm with dry weather prevailing during the Summer season from May to October each year, when compared with the seas across the much visited South West coastal areas of Sri Lanka. Passikudah beach is well known for the longest stretch of shallow reef coastline in the world. Ideally suited for safe sea bathing and other water based activities, where people can walk several hundred meters into the sea. There are no strong currents around this stretch of beach, when compared with the beaches in other parts of the island of Sri Lanka. In comparison, Arugam bay in the Eastern province which is just 146 Km, South of Passikudah, are much different with high waves, ideally suited for surfing. It has attracted several professional surfers the world over to throng the Arugam Bay beach during this period. Passikudah which suffered economically due to the Tsunami in 2004 and the 3 decades of civil war, were able to come out of the economic crisis by reviving tourism. With govt intervention to develop tourism, it has now attracted several foreign and local investors to further develop tourism in the coastal areas. Of late several newly built  star class luxury boutique hotels, medium level tourist resorts and budget hotels have sprung up to cater to the special requirements of upmarket foreign tourists or the budget conscious leisure travellers.

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